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Sharing ideas
I was looking at some photos posted following the Social Software Summit in NYC. One of the photos showed someone’s notes about how to share everyone’s photos after the summit. The notes read as follows:

– we’re all taking photos
– all hosted on different services
– we want each other’s photos
– how to find?
– our new products work well if everybody uses them
– that’s not gonna happen
– new service for grouping links to resources

This got me thinking about the implications for the InTouch project. Surely contact details suffer the some inconsistencies across platforms as photos do? In fact you can easily instantiate the word “photos” in the above extract with “contact details”. Different services vary from different software (e.g. Outlook, ACT!, etc.) to different platforms (e.g. Palm, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, etc.).

One of the things that InTouch is trying to do is to provide a new service for grouping these resources and allowing the resources to be shared. Perhaps, as the notes from the Social Software Summit suggest, that there is room for expansion of such a service to cover other information besides contact information. Products constantly seem to be put to work by users for purposes other than those intended by the designers. Maybe this is one such purpose for the InTouch project.


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