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Monthly Archives: March 2003

First day of the next 3 years….
Today is the first day of the next three years – PhD starts today. So far I’ve been ploughing the web for things relevant to my doctorate, and checking out my ever growing list of weblogs that I’ve bookmarked. I’ve heard a lot about using RSS browsers to quickly check new posts on weblogs – need to investigate this – may save me some time in the long term!

I found a link via one of those weblogs (can’t remember which one now) to an MSc. thesis about “managing representation in a digital world” (by Danah Boyd) which sounds almost identical to my proposal – will give it a read and feedback on it later. Not sure if it’s good or bad news tho – good news in that it’s a useful resource and the fact that someone else is looking into goes towards verifying its academic merits, but bad news in that it may cover completely what I want to study. Time will tell…

Oh, I also read about the london bloggers tube map in last week’s Guardian Online supplement, so I’ve added myself to it – check out Worcester Park. Although I don’t actually live in Worcester Park, that’s where I did most of my growing up (still got a lot of do!) and it’s where my family live.


What have I been doing?
I’ve been writing a paper that is to be submitted to the COST 269 Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Irrelevant. The conference requires an abstract to be submitted by the 10th April but I thought I’d write the paper to go with it – makes writing the abstract a whole lot easier.

I’m off to Barcelona this weekend with my bro which I’m really looking forward to. Which reminds me – I’ll have to get myself a guide book this weekend!

As an experiment, I’m going to try and post a picture on my weblog and see if it works.

Looks like it did! This is a new Sony Z1 laptop as mentioned on Gizmodo.

Back again
Well after it looked like the PhD thing had finally given up the ghost, it looks like it’s back again. I got offered an industrial studentship by Chimera/BT last week and decided to take it. It starts on the 1st April apparently and to be honest I’m quite looking forward to it 🙂

I guess this means that I’m gonna try and keep this weblog going after all rather than abandom it which was kinda my original plan.