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Intellectual Fixes
Was chatting to a mate the other day who works in the same building as me and it turns out that his PhD is focussed on Identity. He’s looking more at the security aspects of online identity, but even so there’s going to be some overlap between the two. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I don’t really practise discussing theoretical and conceptual ideas with people enough – I tend to get most of my intellectual fixes from reading other people’s weblogs, but this is pretty much all 1-way, apart from some of them that allow comments to be added. It’ll be nice to have some 2-way discussions for a change.

Just finished reading David Lodge’s Thinks… over the weekend – was a great book, and allowed me to nestle (surprisingly comfortably) back into my cognitive science background from which I’ve become far too distanced of late. Was a pleasure reading it and great to refamilarise myself with all the issues of cogsci like Searle’s Chinese Room and Frank Jackson’s “What Mary didn’t know” discussion about qualia. 🙂


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