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New Version of Windows to include Social Network Visualisation Feature?

It looks like the new version of Microsoft Windows is to include a social network visualisation feature based on the contacts list. The image is a mock up created by Paul Thurrott but appears to be based on good evidence from an alpha release of the new operating system. There appears to be nice visualisation technique whereby individuals fade with distance from the social network ego (presumably always the user), which is an idea I’m sure I’ve seen before from somewhere like the Social Media Group at MIT. However, there is no mention of any underlying functionality included in the visualisation – are the links simply treated the same as icons in a contact list, or does the visualisation play a more important part, e.g. shared social networks, etc.? Maybe it would be a nice feature to integrate this with Microsoft’s 3 degrees?

Check out Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows for more information.


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