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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS Camera

Ricoh have just produced a camera (via Gizmodo) that allows a wifi, bluetooth or GPS card to be attached to it.

The GPS functionality allows the possiblity for photographs to be location-stamped with GPS co-ordinates. The wireless technology is primarily there so that photos can be uploaded to a server via wi-fi, allowing a potentially limitless amount of storage space. The concept of moblogging becomes a lot more accessible once all cameras are wifi-enabled – the 3.54 megapixel camera potentially allows for much higher quality photos for mobloggers than the norm, and allows for some interesting social games to be played when combined with the GPS technology. However, the wireless-enabled camera has the potential for a darker side, with the camera being open to having the photos stolen from the camera without the knowledge of the camera’s owner – security will have to be an important issue.