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Monthly Archives: September 2003


I’ve spent some time checking out recently. I got involved in the trial a while ago, but it’s only open at certain times of the day (times that make sense to EST people, but not GMT people!). I recently managed to catch them when they’re open and registered my avatar name, and spent most of the weekend exploring There.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic 3D avatar-based online community/world. I could go on and on about the features available, but you really need to try it yourself – you must try the voice chat tho – it’s awesomely clear.

I may go on later….


The Three Amigos?

According to some rumours Google is considering acquiring Friendster, the social networking site. Clay Shirky makes some interesting comments regarding the potential of a this relationship when coupled with Google’s other recent acquisition – Blogger.

Social Networking Apps List
Via danah, there is an actively growing list of social networking websites and software that could be useful for a) me and b) other people interested in this sort of thing.

It does illustrate that when a new concept emerges (e.g. friendster) then a whole load of people tend to imitate that idea without really adding any extra functionality. Also, when oh when will a standard (FOAF?) be introduced to prevent constant re-entering of data to extra-ordinarily similar pieces of software? Perhaps a “Uses FOAF?” column could be added to the SN software table?

New URL!

I’ve recently managed to buy a new domain name which I’ll now be using instead of the old domain (which will probably stop working soon since I’ve chosen not to renew it). The new one is – much nicer!