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Monthly Archives: November 2003

Birthday Blog

I missed Glottal Stop’s 1st birthday! I made my first post a year, a week and a day ago! Can’t believe that it’s been so long already 🙂


Brain fusing

I’ve just finished writing a progress report on my PhD and my mind is buzzing. It was a great exercise – has given me loads of ideas that I really should be writing down now, it’s just that I feel that if I write anymore then my mind will fuse. I think this weekend should be the aspirin that I need to continue. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been half as bad if I’d finished it a week or two in advance but that never happens even with the best intentions, as I’m sure everyone will testify.

So this is going to be the last I write today, if not for the whole weekend…

Weblogs as place

What sort of place is the blogosphere; is a blog? Great post here from Feathers of Hope. Here’s an extract…

“There [web communities such as Kuro5hin or Slashdot], I sense my identity would get lost in the tumult of voices, whereas this weblog is more my own home, a place where my own sensibilities can emerge.

Is there something special about weblogs that make them possess more of a sense of place than other online fora?”

iPod a con?

If this is true and every iPod is affected, then we could have an epidemic on our hands! Let’s hope Apple change their policy, because if this is true and it hits the big time, then the iPod could be knocked off the top by any one of it’s competitors hot on it’s tale… And to think that I really really wanted one…

[via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: It turns out that perhaps this isn’t as bad as first made out….

Brussels, Belgium

Well, I’ve just spent the weekend visiting my brother in Brussels. It’s a lot nicer than I imagined, and was a great opportunity to practise my Franglais (I would never go as far as to say that I spoke French). The trip also gave me my first journey on the Eurostar which was amazing. I still find it difficult to believe that I can get on a train in London and then 2hrs and 20mins and 3 counties later I’m in Belguim! It really is awesome, and the train is sooo smooth – if only all trains in the UK could be like that. Oh, and the beer in Belgium is something else. At the beginning of the weekend I was in the mindset that a 7% beer was a pretty out-of-the-ordinary strength beer, but by Sunday, 7% was a weak one! Seriously, the average strength beer that I had all weekend must’ve been about 8% – on average. If anyone’s considering a trip there, then firstly try Kwak, Leffe and Grimbergen, and secondly go to a pub in the main centre called La Lunette where they serve litres of beer in a big flat glass!!

It was a nice break, but I’m now all too aware of the impending workload that this week brings….

Using mobile phones in public

Here’s a report on an interesting piece of work that reminds me of an idea i had a while back for my phd research. It’s about the use of mobile phones in public, and reminds me of my research because i was thinking of doing something around aspects of identity in mobile phones and mobile phone use. I didn’t go down this route for various reasons, but is good to look back and see where it could have gone! Thanks Linds.

Updating Frequency in Weblogs

I was just looking back at an old post and read the comment under it from one of my friends. I got me thinking about how frequently bloggers update their blogs. I’d be really interested to find out how often various bloggers update, how this changes throughout the life of any given blog, and also what factors influence the frequency of blogging. There must be data around to do this, with sites such as getting ping information from blogs all over the place.

It’s curious that the day I have this thought, I unusually post twice in one day…

Stuff I’m reading

I’m currently getting absorbed in three books, and at any one moment, I can’t decide which one to pick up…




Hung over questions

Please excuse my hung over state this morning, but I’ve had a great but extra-ordinarily hectic birthday weekend. I had a great time, and got to see some good mates. Have some thoughts that I thought I’d share with people:

:: Been reading about James’s Crabtree’s take on Manual Castell’s thoughts; particularly about the network as the “prime organsational form” of the information age, and was wondering if the reason why humans have become so involved in networks is because that’s the structure our brains take. If we discovered a non-terrestrial alien race, and (if they had recognisable brains) that were structured in a different, non-network-oriented way then would the structure of their society (if they had a recognisable society) be a reflection of that “brain” structure. I realise that aliens (if they exist – which i personally think they must) could have any number of physical and mental forms, and that the terms physical and mental may not even be applicable to them, but I think it’s interesting anyway. I may think differently when I’ve fully recovered though…

:: A (some may think bizarre) thought I had mid-weekend was that if someone is at the bottom of an extra-ordinarily long sleeping bag that was hung vertically, would it be possible to tie a series of knots from inside the sleeping bag in order to escape? Or is it only possible to tie knots in something from its exterior?

The Fluffy, Social Side of MS – comes with a Wallop?

Microsoft have recently unveiled some proposed features of their new operating system, Longhorn, at a PDC conference. Unfortunately I’ve not yet managed to find any information about whether or not the social network visualisation feature, which I reported on a while back, will be included. I wonder if 3 degrees will be integrated into the new OS instead? There is already mention of a weblogging system being integrated called Wallop. There’s some more info about it at eWeek. And we thought weblogging had hit the big time – then along comes that familiar tip of the iceberg feeling…