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Hung over questions

Please excuse my hung over state this morning, but I’ve had a great but extra-ordinarily hectic birthday weekend. I had a great time, and got to see some good mates. Have some thoughts that I thought I’d share with people:

:: Been reading about James’s Crabtree’s take on Manual Castell’s thoughts; particularly about the network as the “prime organsational form” of the information age, and was wondering if the reason why humans have become so involved in networks is because that’s the structure our brains take. If we discovered a non-terrestrial alien race, and (if they had recognisable brains) that were structured in a different, non-network-oriented way then would the structure of their society (if they had a recognisable society) be a reflection of that “brain” structure. I realise that aliens (if they exist – which i personally think they must) could have any number of physical and mental forms, and that the terms physical and mental may not even be applicable to them, but I think it’s interesting anyway. I may think differently when I’ve fully recovered though…

:: A (some may think bizarre) thought I had mid-weekend was that if someone is at the bottom of an extra-ordinarily long sleeping bag that was hung vertically, would it be possible to tie a series of knots from inside the sleeping bag in order to escape? Or is it only possible to tie knots in something from its exterior?


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