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Brussels, Belgium

Well, I’ve just spent the weekend visiting my brother in Brussels. It’s a lot nicer than I imagined, and was a great opportunity to practise my Franglais (I would never go as far as to say that I spoke French). The trip also gave me my first journey on the Eurostar which was amazing. I still find it difficult to believe that I can get on a train in London and then 2hrs and 20mins and 3 counties later I’m in Belguim! It really is awesome, and the train is sooo smooth – if only all trains in the UK could be like that. Oh, and the beer in Belgium is something else. At the beginning of the weekend I was in the mindset that a 7% beer was a pretty out-of-the-ordinary strength beer, but by Sunday, 7% was a weak one! Seriously, the average strength beer that I had all weekend must’ve been about 8% – on average. If anyone’s considering a trip there, then firstly try Kwak, Leffe and Grimbergen, and secondly go to a pub in the main centre called La Lunette where they serve litres of beer in a big flat glass!!

It was a nice break, but I’m now all too aware of the impending workload that this week brings….


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