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I’ve just got into work almost an hour and 20 mins after having left home, due to the worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen on the A14. My flatmate chose today to cycle into work and right now that seems like the best idea in the world. I’m so drained after the journey (can’t even be bothered to think up a decent title for this post) that I’m blogging in order to procrastinate from doing any work. It’s bizarre – I’m sure I wouldn’t normally be like this after a hour and 20 mins in the car – it’s just the constant stopping and starting in the car that takes it out of you.

Anyway, I had a good day yesterday starting with yet another great meeting with my supervisor. These meetings always really help focus my mind. It seems that I’m moving further and further away from my original proposal, but that said I’m getting closer to what I’m really interested in – guess that’s what they call research!


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