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Threshold Number of Posts per Blog?

Thanks to the current rethink at work of how we use our internal collaborative blog, I have started thinking about how many posts in a given time a blog can take before it is rendered useless. At work our blog has been used more as a bulletin board for people whereabouts rather than as a place for interesting newsbites and thoughts. This means that the few interesting newsbites tend to get drowned out by the whereabouts “noise”.

So what are the maximum number of posts that can be added to a weblog before that weblog becomes too saturated for good use? How many new posts is a blog reader willing to read through before they give up and look elsewhere – will there be a need for blogs that act as filters for these oversaturated blogs?

Is this just an issue on collaborative blogs where there is more potential for huge numbers of posts on even given day or does it also apply to individual blogs?

Is it possible for weblog design to be changed slightly in order to resolve these difficulties, if they exist?


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