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Cross-modal Interaction Confusion

The above term is my description of something that happened to me about 5 minutes ago. I was sitting in front of my computer with my keyboard in front of me and my mouse to my left (yes, I’m a lefty). Now, I wasn’t using my computer, I was reading an article (rested on my keyboard), but was switching between using the computer and reading (something I do too much). As a reached the end of the page of the article, instead of turning the page, I moved my hand to my mouse and went to scroll down! This didn’t work (duh), which gave me about 2 seconds of confusion before realising the problem (if I was any slower, then someone at a computer helpdesk would have had a field day – “my wheel mouse isn’t working…”).

I wonder if this has happened to anyone else, or if it’s just me having difficulty switching to work mode from Christmas holidays mode…

p.s. belated Happy New Year!


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