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Digital Hoarding

The MIT Social Media Lab blog, Sociable Thinking, recently posted about digital hoarding, bringing into the fold some recent projects working on the huge digital mountain that most of us are constructing – that is things like digital photos, emails, e-books (PDF’s), music files, videos, etc.

One of the questions asked is how to order this data, and it seems to me that blogs could step into the arena in both a management and an interface capacity. After all, blogs are content management systems, and seem perfectly suited to this kind of problem. A few tweaks here and there could render the blog format into an ideal lifetime-content managment system. The social-supporting aspect of blogs makes this concept even more powerful by being able to link content from other lives, allowing people to see where their lives interconnect, where moments were shared, even when those connections were not apparent at the time. These shared moments would provide commonalities that could lead to lasting friendships, or simply enhance our weak ties.


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