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Monthly Archives: February 2004


This is the 360 degree panorama that Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay would have seen having scaled Everest back in 1953.



Here’s an interesting article about a BBC3 show which gets viewers to send in photos to the show, live. Apparently they asked users to send in photos of people with “faces like hamsters”. Great! I have to get myself one of my these phones, then I can go hamster-hunting…

[Via SmartMobs]

Places I’ve been

This is a map of all the places I’ve visited:

It turns out that I’ve visited 15 different countries so far…

create your own visited country map


Well, if you take a glance to the right of the site you’ll now find an RSS feed link, so that you can now aggregate my site. I got the hint from David Brake at (what a cool domain name!). I used info from this site to do it

I’ve now added so much stuff to my blog that it’s similar to building with lego – first I played about with the look (and still do from time to time), then I added my linklog, then the London Bloggers widget, then comments, then the Creative Commons link (which might not be much use in the UK, but what the hey), now the RSS feed! And so far I’ve not paid a penny. From time to time I consider going for the ad-free blogspot option, and probably will do in the near future.

The Week that was

What a week! And I think I managed to make my way through it relatively unscathed… I gave a seminar presentation on Tuesday entitled “Weblogs: A Primer”. More people turned up than I expected, and I managed to talk for an hour about everything from the history of weblogs to small world theory and weak ties. I actually partly enjoyed doing it because it allowed me to arrange everything in my head that I’ve read so far, which I’m beginning to realise is well worth doing every so often. Then I had a joint supervisor meeting on Wednesday with all four supervisors which went as expected I guess. That’s given me loads of food for thought – one of the advantages of having a multidisciplinary supervisor team! So I’ve now got another progress report due next month by which time I need to have that elusive “unique angle” for my research. It’s scary narrowing down so much, but it’s gotta be done. I think this weekend could be a good one for assembling this last week in my head and pulling out all the best bits…

Top Trumps

This is cool! (In a really geeky kind of way!)

[Thanks Linds!]

Tom Coates on Crappy Adverts

I was reading this, over at – reminded me of how some adverts can be so crap sometimes that it winds me up to the point that it’s funny.