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Power Kiting

One of my mates has recently lured me into the world of Power Kiting. These are not ordinary kites, oh no. They’re monster kites that come in at 4 metres wide (sometimes up to 12 metres), making them more like parachutes than kites, that can lift you clean off the ground on the calmest of days. I had my first go with one a few months back and I LOVED it. The problem is, these kites come in at around 300 quid. And considering that I’ve recently forked out double that on a new bass guitar and amp, it’s likely that I’ll be borrowing other people’s kites rather than being introduced to my very own.

Anyway, the thing that prompted me to write about this is the Tom Watson, the “blogging MP” seems to have had a fling with power kites, himself.


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