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A Story

Imagine a little tiny fish. Over time, it dies. Millions of it’s buddies follow the same pattern. Their remains float to the bottom of the ocean. Over millions of years this mass of organic matter becomes covered in mud and is compressed. Oil is produced. Along comes man, who constructs massive machines in the ocean to drill down and recover the oil which gets processed into other materials. A by-product of this is asphalt. Asphalt gets taken by more big machines and gets compressed into the earth by steam rollers to form roads. More machines drive over these roads every day causing bits of asphalt to break up and become loose.

Then along comes Mark, driving quite happily, and one of those bits of asphalt decides to jump up and hurtle at breakneck speeds straight into Mark’s windscreen causing what is likely to be around 80 quids worth of replacement windscreen.

How strange is life.


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