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About a month ago now a couple of musically-minded friends and myself were talking about venues where our bands could practice and play gigs. An off-cuff remark about buying a building for this purpose quickly turned into serious thought about buying a local disused church about turning it into a community arts centre. The centre could be used by ourselves, as well as other bands, and for music teachers, and even local artists for exhibitions. Last night we met with a member of another local group of people who are interested in a similar idea and are much further down the road than ourselves. The problem seems to be getting the money turning said church into a centre with lighting, heating and sound equipment and adhering to regulations, etc.

Frustratingly the local council does not see the need for such a centre (despite their being nothing like it locally, while in the next county, Essex, there is an extremely successful arts centre). I really think that Ipswich needs something like this. Recently, having a joined a band myself, my eyes have been opened to the huge number of talented musicians around this area and if a centre like this is what is needed to tap into this talent and encourage it then surely a relatively small amount of funding is worth it? I guess this is the situation that hundreds of similarly-minded organisations find themselves in every day. It is quite exciting being part of it though.


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