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Please help me out!

I’m now collecting the first wave of data for my PhD about blogging and reputation. I’m doing this through an online questionnaire. For all those interested in the results, I will publish them once all the data has been collected. In the meantime, if you keep a blog and have 20 minutes to spare, then please please fill out my questionnaire!

Update #1: I should have added that it would be great if you could put a link to this questionnaire on your own blog to try and find some more respondents!

Update #2: The links for the blog sites listed in question 22 are:

Blog Street
London Bloggers
UK Bloggers



  1. David Brake here:
    Good luck with the research – I look forward to seeing the results.
    Some questionnaire issues:
    It’s hard to know how many weblogs I read regularly in a week – I read them through RSS but it depends which ones update regularly and I am interested in. Does reading the summary text but not visiting the site count?
    Similarly, I don’t really know how many people know how much time they usually spend reading other peoples’ blogs per week? It tends to be time fitted in around other things and is hard to add up.
    “How many people contacted after reading blog” – this number is going to vary depending on how long you’ve been reading blogs – something you don’t ask but would in any case be hard to answer.

    It would be nice if you provided links to the blog tracking sites mentioned on the questionnaire so people who aren’t on those sites can find them after the questionnaire is over.

    Oh well – nobody said questionnaires were easy!

  2. David,
    Many Thanks for your comments – they’re really appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to fill in the survey! I realise that it’s difficult to get an accurate view of how much time you spend reading blogs, but hopefully poeple have an approximate figure which is all that I’m looking for at this stage. As for your question about RSS, it’s a good point. For the purpose of this survey, I would assume that RSS reading does count, simply because it’s not too different to skim reading posts on a blog to find the interesting ones. I would imagine that if you read the RSS summary text and found it interesting, then you’d follow the link to that post on the blog.

    As for the links to the blog tracking site, i can’t seem to edit the questionnaire now that it’s published, so I’ll update my post and provide the links there. Y

    You’re right – it’s amazing how much thought you have to put into constructing a questionnaire!!

    hope this helps, and thanks again for the comments.

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