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Monthly Archives: July 2004


In an effort to get that grim picture of my coffee mug off the top post, I thought I’d write a little bit about my trip to the Peak District this weekend in bullet points.

  • Long 5 hour trip up due to wrong turning.
  • This led to navigation through Leicester.
  • Leicester sucks. Why close a road and then provide no diversion signs?
  • Got to the Peak district at 2pm, climbed rocks. Then cycled. Very beautiful area.
  • Saturday night camped in tent, rained.
  • Sunday – the rain decided that it would be nice to hang around for a bit, went MTBing anyway, got very wet, but had all round good time. Ladybower reservoir is a great place.
  • 3.5 hour drive back home, had bath, felt better.

Oh, also had a gig on Friday which went well despite a brief trip by the guitarist to A&E 15 mins before we were due on because of an intimate meeting between his finger and a Stanley knife.


What are you growing in your coffee mug?

I got into work today having had a couple of days off dealing with sick people and sick cars, when I noticed what was in the bottom of my mug. The remains of my green tea leaves has spawned some hairy mould. So here’s a picture. Thought you’d like it.

What’s growing in the bottom of your coffee mug?

I happened to be strolling around London on Friday night. I was desperately trying to find Trafalgar Square to get a bus back home having been clubbing in Fabric when I found Forbidden Planet. I managed to get a couple of snaps of their window display!

Google buys Picasa

It appears that Google has bought Picasa, the photo-management software, and are providing it to download for free of charge (you used to have to buy Picasa). Perhaps this is a move to create a Flickr competitor? What does this mean for the relationship between Hello and Picasa? A revolution in picture publishing and search? (I love the way the word “revolution” is bandied around so readily on the Internet)

Vienna Pictures Take Two

Here’s another picture which I have to post. It’s a real street sign that I saw in Vienna just round the corner from the Secezion Modern Art building.

BlogTalk @ Vienna 2004

Well, as a summarised postmortem of my trip to Vienna (of which I’m sure I’ve blogged way too much), here’s a few pictures I took with my cameraphone:

View from the top of the conference centre

Inside, during a presentation

A horse that looks like a waiter, or a waiter that looks like a horse

Vienna-Heathrow Flight Part 2

So, we managed to leave Vienna airport all of 1 hour 15 minutes late. The remainder of the flight until we got over Rotterdam was fairly uneventful. No more text-messaging from Nokia-girl (at one point, while we were still in Vienna airport the guy sitting behind her had a go at her, and she kinda told him to shut up and then he didn’t say very much else).

Anyway, we got over Rotterdam when the pilot spoke over the tannoy telling us that due to congestion and bad weather over Heathrow, we had to join the holding queue for an estimated 1 hour and 15 minutes. Total delayed time at this point = 2 hours 30 minutes. The holding queue wasn’t that bad, we just sat there and circled over Heathrow. It was until the final approach (which took about 30 minutes) that things started getting turbulent. If you’ve ever been on Thunder Mountain at Eurodisney then you know what I’m talking about. People were revisiting their dinner either side of me (including, to my joy, Nokia-girl – who, it turns out, had been out drinking the night before and was feeling somewhat worse-for-wear anyway). There was a deafening sigh of relief once we landed. I don’t quite think the pilot had properly thought it through when he said upon landing “Thanks for flying with us, it’s been a pleasure, and we hope to see you again soon”. Yeah. Right.

Vienna-Heathrow Flight Part 1

Iím sitting here writing this on the plane which is to travel from Vienna to London. There is one problem. The plane is on the ground. It seems that there is too much congestion at London Heathrow (possibly due to bad weather there) and the plane company chose to wait until everyone was onboard the plane before telling us that there is going to be an hours delay. Why did they not leave us in the comfort of the airport lounge, where I was sitting quite comfortably with my free wifi access? No idea.

To make matters worse, thereís a woman sitting across the aisle from me who obviously is a fan of text messaging. The problem is that she has not yet worked out how to turn off the beeping noise that Nokia phones make when every time you press a key. It is, needless to say, driving me nuts.

Anyways, I feel that this is something which I need to share with you. I will update you on how the flight went later.

P.s. Iím writing this in Word, and will upload it when I next get web access (which has already probably happened since you are reading this!)

Wifi at Vienna Airport

Just because I can, I blogging this from the free Wifi provided at Vienna Airport, on the way back from the BlogTalk conference. Gotta go now – boarding!!