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Vienna-Heathrow Flight Part 1

Iím sitting here writing this on the plane which is to travel from Vienna to London. There is one problem. The plane is on the ground. It seems that there is too much congestion at London Heathrow (possibly due to bad weather there) and the plane company chose to wait until everyone was onboard the plane before telling us that there is going to be an hours delay. Why did they not leave us in the comfort of the airport lounge, where I was sitting quite comfortably with my free wifi access? No idea.

To make matters worse, thereís a woman sitting across the aisle from me who obviously is a fan of text messaging. The problem is that she has not yet worked out how to turn off the beeping noise that Nokia phones make when every time you press a key. It is, needless to say, driving me nuts.

Anyways, I feel that this is something which I need to share with you. I will update you on how the flight went later.

P.s. Iím writing this in Word, and will upload it when I next get web access (which has already probably happened since you are reading this!)


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