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Monthly Archives: August 2004

5 6 7 8

I went to watch the 5, 6, 7, 8’s of Kill Bill fame on Tuesday night at the 100 Club on Oxford St. Very bizarre night, but all in all really fun. Here’s a picture to comemorate the occasion – the giant “100” in the background and the bassists hair-do all help to make it look very Austin Powers – in fact a friend who played there 20 years ago said that apart from installing A/C the place hadn’t changed a bit.


Relaxing Furniture

Between Engadget and Gizmodo, there seems to be the start of the ultimate relaxation office. First a relaxing river table

Then a calming washbasin

Back Again

I’m back from the land of the immobile now – my laptop is all repaired. I actually managed to get a fair amount of work done in the week that I was confined to working at home, so may consider working at home again. And to prove that I was actually working, here’s a picture of a row of books at Essex library way up there on the fifth floor.

Plus a picture of Rutland Water which I visited this weekend

Laptop Broken

Well, for the second time this year, my Toshiba S1 laptop has broken down. I’m not sure if this is the cause, but the fact that the processor cooling fan is underneath the laptop right where you rest it on your knee probably doesn’t help matters.

This means that I’ll be working at home a bit this week so it’ll be a good opportunity to see if I can get more work done at home or not, so far I’m not getting much done, but then maybe I need to just wait until the novelty has worn off…

RaNdom lInKs

Madcap Menagerie – Some of these pictures are fantastic – some seriously good photoshopping (thanks Deb!)

Smooth sounds – I’ve been listening to some of these tunes after a mate sent me the link (cheers Graham!).

Light and dark

I’ve been meaning to put this picture up for a while now. I took it of one of the ceiling lights here in the office a while back – i just love the way the silhouette of the ring around the light has worked out, and then the “corona” effect of the light at the edges.