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I saw a news item on the BBC last night about how mobile phone companies were reporting that MMS messaging is failing to take off despite the huge subsidies of cameraphones, and most people owning them now. I saw this and couldn’t believe that the cellphone companies, or indeed the BBC felt that this was some surprise result worth reporting.

In my experience, everyone that I know who has ever bought a cameraphone with MMS won’t be able to send MMS messages once they’ve bought the phone. The reason being that MMS isn’t set up by default on the phones. So you buy your phone, turn it on, take a picture and try to send it to a friend, and “Send Message Failed” soon appears on your screen. This happened to me. It happened to my Dad. It happened to everyone at work when we got our cellphones renewed to cameraphones. So to cure it, I phone up the phone company and ask for it to be switched on. They tell me they are going to send me a text message that sets it up automatically. They text doesn’t arrive. I phone again. This time the text message arrives and sets up the phone, but I still can’t send it. I phone up a third time and they tell me that I need to turn off my phone for an hour and then turn it on again for it to activate properly. This I do and halleluja it works!

My point, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, is that MMS messaging shouldn’t be this difficult to set up. The majority of people aren’t going to be as bothered about it as I was and will just live without.

Computer Industry to Record Industry: We’re Sorry

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  1. …happened to me too.

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