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Flickr: Name your price

Ok, so flickr is great. Everybody knows it. It’s one of the few YASNs that actually has a point – i.e. photo sharing and management. It integrates cool metadata using tags and is becoming more and more usable by the day (recent improvements include a site map at the bottom of every page, and instantly editable photo titles and descriptions). So with such a melee of cool technology and ideas, surely it’s a matter of time before one of the big players comes and buys it up? It’s still only in “beta” (possibly hiding behind the guise of beta when most would consider it in full release state – especially those paying for the pro upgrade), but yet is an amazing product that must be tickling the takeover glands of many a mega-corp. Possible buyers? Google is surely a primary contender – recently buying a gluttony of companies, notably Picasa, the desktop-based photo-management software company. “networking” up Picasa with flickr’s api could be a next step, although possibly flickr does everything that Picasa can already and a whole lot more. Either way, flickr could instantly beef up the image search that Google already has.

Another contender that springs to mind is Apple. iPhoto could benefit from flickrs social networking connectivity in the same way that Picasa could. Furthermore, flickr could also greatly enhance the functionality of the iPod Photo released yesterday. I’m just not sure if buying other companies is Apple’s style, they seem to prefer to do the innovation themselves.

I didn’t know watches were ever ‘wired’


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