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Voyager, the space probe designed by NASA, departed the Earth back in 1977, set to go far beyond the reaches of our solar system. It’s still sending back information now, and is hoped to continue until 2020. Voyager carried with it a Golden LP that contained various bits of information about the human population and the location of Earth.

Now that we can quite easily fit 60Gb into something the size of a packet of cigarettes, maybe we should start thinking about sending out another probe carrying a bit more information this time? The original probe only contained the storage medium (the record), but now we could easily include the device to view the data as well (e.g. an iPod). We could even throw in a free account for the iTunes music store – maybe by the time the probe reaches any sign of intelligent life, we might have evolved some back here.

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Some kind of weird computer voyeur thing at flickr


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