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Monthly Archives: November 2004

An Apple a day

It arrived! I’ve finally got my first ever Apple computer. I’m currently very pleased, and am downloading all the updates. Bluetooth is awesome – when i tried to connect to my phone, it just worked! So much easier then nasty XP. I have officially switched!

First pics…


ACM Special Blogging Edition

The current edition (Volume 47, Issue 12) of ACM’s “Communications of the ACM” features a special issue called “The Blogosphere”. It features five main articles about blogging, ranging from the “Structure of Evolution of Blogspace” to semantic blogging, from well known authors from the field like Bonnie Nardi, Diane Schiano and Rebecca Blood. It’s downloadable from the ACM digital library.


If you had a supersuit, what would yours do?

Atom Feed

It appears that I had not updated my Atom feed since I’d last updated my site – 😦 I’ve now changed it so hopefully feeds should now come live and loud…


Not that I’m going on too much about it, but the Powerbook is currently in Shanghai, with its plane ticket, waiting for its flight according to the tracking website. Shanghai! I’m currently in the state of a small child waiting for “Sandy Claws” to arrive.

Keyword-generated playlists

Recently I’ve come across a new way of generating playlists in iTunes. I just do a search for a random keyword and up comes a list of songs that somewhere or other include that keyword. My favourites so far include “High” and “Give”. High, for example, creates a playlist including “High Times” by Jamiroquai, “High & Dry” (cover version of Radiohead track by Jamie Cullum), “Over the Rails & Hollywood High” by Remy Zero, “High Noon” by Kruder & Dorfmeister. It’s great! Prticular words seem to work better than others, and it’s best to exclude words that are include in an Album title – for instance, “blood” gives you the entire “A Rush of Blood to the Head” album by Coldplay, and very little else. But it’s cool to see how sometimes a particular word creates a playlist that evokes a particular mood. Nonsense words can work great too – “llo” being one of my faves (I obviously have a penchant for songs with “hello” in the name).

p.s. I have been ill with a grimy cold over the last day and a bit, but normal service will soon resume!


My will power is incredibly low. The technolust of which I spoke earlier has caused me to become a shadow of the man I once was. I have bought an Apple Powerbook. I just want to share with you the sense of immense guilt that I now feel having spent an exhorbitant amount of cash on a laptop. It’s possibly because I have merely ordered the thing and am not likely to get it until a week or two from now, so I am in a limbo state with significantly less cash than I once had, and nothing to show for it, other than a print out of the order. I feel none of the excitement that I had built up over the last year or two, secretly wishing I had one.

What have I done.

Aside: My new favourite TV advert – the Citroen Robot! (mpg video)

More techno-lust

As well as having an uncontrollable desire for a certain fruit-related item, I’m also rather tempted by this cool-looking mirror that doubles as a tv – you could catch the news while shaving in the morning – how efficient would that be?!?!

New Developments

Not that they’re getting enough links or anything, but Firefox, my web browser of choice just left beta, plus I’m temptingly close to spending an obscene amount of money on a Powerbook G4…I feel the need to make sure of the student discount that Apple provide…