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My will power is incredibly low. The technolust of which I spoke earlier has caused me to become a shadow of the man I once was. I have bought an Apple Powerbook. I just want to share with you the sense of immense guilt that I now feel having spent an exhorbitant amount of cash on a laptop. It’s possibly because I have merely ordered the thing and am not likely to get it until a week or two from now, so I am in a limbo state with significantly less cash than I once had, and nothing to show for it, other than a print out of the order. I feel none of the excitement that I had built up over the last year or two, secretly wishing I had one.

What have I done.

Aside: My new favourite TV advert – the Citroen Robot! (mpg video)



  1. You’ve done the right thing. Don’t worry about the feelings of guilt – they will evaporate when you get your new PowerBook and you realise how much more efficient it makes you, how much extra work you get done just because you love using your Mac, and how much extra kudos you’ve just gained. Eventually, you will start to wonder how on earth you ever managed without one.

    Don’t forget to get SubEthaEdit, though.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Suw! Hopefully the guilt pangs will all be forgetten once the new toy, sorry I mean workhorse, arrives. Subethaedit is top of my list of downloads!

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