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Keyword-generated playlists

Recently I’ve come across a new way of generating playlists in iTunes. I just do a search for a random keyword and up comes a list of songs that somewhere or other include that keyword. My favourites so far include “High” and “Give”. High, for example, creates a playlist including “High Times” by Jamiroquai, “High & Dry” (cover version of Radiohead track by Jamie Cullum), “Over the Rails & Hollywood High” by Remy Zero, “High Noon” by Kruder & Dorfmeister. It’s great! Prticular words seem to work better than others, and it’s best to exclude words that are include in an Album title – for instance, “blood” gives you the entire “A Rush of Blood to the Head” album by Coldplay, and very little else. But it’s cool to see how sometimes a particular word creates a playlist that evokes a particular mood. Nonsense words can work great too – “llo” being one of my faves (I obviously have a penchant for songs with “hello” in the name).

p.s. I have been ill with a grimy cold over the last day and a bit, but normal service will soon resume!


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