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I thought I’d give a quick update on how I’ve been getting on with the powerbook over the last month. I love it. I really do. The simplicity of it, the speed of it (not just processor-wise, but also in terms of booting up and shutting down). And it sleeps like a baby – you put it to ‘sleep’ (equivalent of ‘hibernate’ mode in windows xp) and it goes into low power mode. This happens almost instantly. The power consumption is next to nothing – I put it to sleep the other day at 3pm, and didn’t boot it up again until 10am the following day and it still had 90% battery power. The same could never be said of my Windows XP laptop (if indeed it would resume at all after being put to sleep).

All the little features that you only notice the more you use it, are great too. One of my faves is the catch when you close the laptop up. The catch on the top of the screen sits flush, and there’s no obvious way that you can see how it locks shut. Then as you close the lid, a magnet on the opposite catch pulls out a latch just at the last moment and hey presto! Simple thing, but made me smile. My housemate, a lifelong windows-user, couldn’t see the point of me spending so much money on a computer. As he uses it more and more, he’s becoming more and more tempted…


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  1. Just a comment – “sleep” on the mac is the same as “standby” on XP, not hibernate. Standby is fast, and on my Toshiba laptop I can leave it it standby overnight with no problem.

    ‘Hibernate’ is completely different. It writes an image of your RAM to a file on disk and turns off completely. You can hibernate indefinitely. Then when you power back on, it reloads this image from disk into RAM and continues where it left off.

    Hbbernate and the amount of time it takes shouldn’t be compared with “sleep.”

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