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I was invited to go Karting last night with a group of 22 other people. I was looking forward to this for two reasons. Firstly I thought it would be great fun. Secondly I thought it would be my chance for others to discover my innate driving abilities and for me to achieve my rightful place as all-time number one racing driving in the known universe. It turns out that you win some and you lose some. The end result of the evening? It was great fun. I am not the new Michael Schumacher.

I feel that this is now a turning point in my life where I realise that my dreams of being a racing driver supreme will remain dreams, and now maybe I can concentrate on following a more realistic career.

In short, if you want to move on in life, try Karting.

Race Action

Saying that, I’m sure I’ll be giving it another go soon – after all, I wasn’t in my zone last night.


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