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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Food for your diaries: Cultures of eBay conference

Calling all eBay addicts…

Colleagues here at Essex University have arranged a conference called Cultures of eBay: making sense of social and economic aspects of the eBay ‘phenomenon’, and it’s being held in Colchester, Essex, UK between the 24th and 25th August this year. Keynote speakers currently include Will Davies of IPPR and formally iSociety, Tim Dant of UEA, Rebecca Ellis and Anna Haywood from the University of Essex.

More information can be found on the conference website.


Outdoor Adventure Show

I’ve managed to raid my mmc card from my phone and publish the photos from the Outdoor Adventure Show in Olympia from this weekend. First one shows off some of the show floor…

Here’s a giant zorb complete with passenger…

And the last one is of Tony Hawks, author of “Round Ireland with a Fridge” giving a talk (it’s a pretty obscure photo, to be honest, but at least you can see the Freestyle Mortgages stage – apparently naming a mortgage package “Freestyle” means it is going to sell well to people interested in outdoors adventure…I’m sure if I was in the market for a house, then they would be the first company I’d go to).

There’s more photos on my Flickr page.

Phone Troubles

Alas, my Nokia 6230 is currently in a coma. It was involved in a road accident on Saturday evening when it took a desperate leap out of my back pocket into a busy crossroad. The battery and memory card came out (luckily the SIM card remained intact) and the scene was of carnage. I’ve now collected the various parts from the road and reassembled them (during a tense surgical operation at the local hopsital pub) but am unable to turn on the phone. It didn’t have any life insurance, so am resorting to desparately searching for a precision torque screwdriver in the vain hope that my tinkering might do more good than harm.

I managed to take some good photos on Saturday on the phone of the Outdoor Adventure Show at the Olympia in Kensington, so if the memory card still works when I plug it into my card reader, I’ll post them here!

Making me smile this morning

This story about how a burglar got caught red handed by the clever emailling web cam of a Mr. Grisby. Everyone with broadband should have this. If only they had pictures of the burglars face when they showed him the footage!

Update: There’s an article here about how Mac users can do this…

Slow Going

Posting has slowed down a bit recently (not that it was ever very frequent), but I’ve been working on a chapter about how blogging relates to knowledge management for a book on the ‘knowledge society’. I’m told that it’s due to be published at the end of 2005 – here’s hoping! The chapter was written under a fair amount of time pressure, and I’m now having to refocus my attention back to my PhD, knowing that I have draft chapters to write, reports to complete, and interviews to be getting underway. Which should all help me sail smoothly into the summer…

No Rhyme or reason

…but I found this pretty funny!