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Monthly Archives: March 2005

A taste of Hawaii

I went out to the Waikiki bar and restaurant in Ipswich for a meal last night, and was blown away. Not killed in a mob-esque manner, but rather blown away by the quality of the food. I had a seafood risotto which cost 10 and featured some of the largest mussels I’ve ever seen together with a beautiful assortment of crab, king prawns and other seafood. It tasted great, filled me up plenty and was all in all great value for money. So if you’re ever in Ipswich and in need of a nice meal out, try this place! (although I do think the website could do with improving – I hate poorly designed Flash sites)



…is a very cool piece of software that links in Amazon to produce a very innovative way of searching for books.

Social networking services and the motor effect

Wired: Are Socialites Still Networking?

I read this and it made me realise that the hype that was going on last year about social networking sites like Friendster and Orkut just isn’t happening anymore. Maybe the hype saturated and now all the sites are slowly but steadily growing behind the discussion of blogs and newspapers. I think the place where the silence is most notable is in the blogosphere. I just don’t see many posts anymore about social networking sites. I think probably my blog reading habits have changed slightly over the last year, but I also think that there has been a reduction in the discussions about these services. Sites like Flickr are taking over – they’re social networking sites that don’t put social networking as the focus, and this is a useful shift. For business-oriented sites like LinkedIn, making social networking the focus is ok – networking is often a goal for businesses. But Flickr’s golden ticket is the way that it makes photos the focus, not social networking. Photos are usually put on the net to share with friends and family, but now Flickr lets you share photos with anyone, by topic and interest – using social networks as a framework, but not a centre of focus. I think this is why social network sites appear to be disappearing – they’re not, they’re just becoming integrated into other services, for other uses.

Metaphor: The motor – it used to be that motors were sold separately, and attachments could be bought to make the motor useful – e.g. a vacuum cleaner attachment, a pump attachment, a fan attachment, etc. Once motors became cheap enough they became integrated into devices and suddenly people weren’t buying motors with lots of attachments – the attachments all had the motors integrated. Suddenly people aren’t talking about social networking services – the attachments (e.g. photo sharing) have social networking integrated.

Walking machines and blogs

Amazing walking machine (including videos!)

Sun values the power of the blog

State of the blogosphere

The Deathticle

In case the frenzy of the latest stars wars trailer hasn’t satisfied your collective star wars spleens, there’s a spoof trailer which should rupture it…

Star Wars Episode 3: A Lost Hope

Stuff…(couldn’t think of a more descriptive title at this point on a Friday afternoon)

This trailer is much more in keeping with the original BBC series of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – looks great

Also, a couple of blog-related articles in The Times over the last week or so:

Blogger blags way into White House


Under my keyboard the desk shakes. The bloggers are on the march

That will be all.