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A taste of Hawaii

I went out to the Waikiki bar and restaurant in Ipswich for a meal last night, and was blown away. Not killed in a mob-esque manner, but rather blown away by the quality of the food. I had a seafood risotto which cost 10 and featured some of the largest mussels I’ve ever seen together with a beautiful assortment of crab, king prawns and other seafood. It tasted great, filled me up plenty and was all in all great value for money. So if you’re ever in Ipswich and in need of a nice meal out, try this place! (although I do think the website could do with improving – I hate poorly designed Flash sites)



  1. are you joking? This place was horrendous, so many better places to go in Ipswich.

  2. I found the food really nice, what was it that made it a bad experience for you?

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