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PhD Progress

In an effort to try to keep this blog remotely related to my PhD (since this was my original intention for it), I’m providing here an update on what’s been going on…

I now have twelve months left of the 3 years. April 2006 marks the end of my funding and the beginnings of my plunge into debt and unbeknownst levels of stress.

I’m still doing interviews at the moment – these are largely now taking place over email which is quite a nice way of doing them, although perhaps doesn’t quite get the personal touch that a telephone or face to face interview provides. The very quick search in Apple Mail provides a great way of collating interviews together. I’ve not counted, but I’m sure the total number of interviews, including face to face, email and telephone, are approaching 20. I’m recognising a lot of patterns as I do the interviews, which is cool to see, so am looking forward to writing that up – guess that’s the best bit, because by the time you’ve done and analysed all the interviews, writing up and making connections should come easily and be fairly enjoyable.

I’ve written a chapter in a book about the role of blogging in the knowledge society which is due to be published in December this year. Writing this took a month under a fair amount of time pressure, but was a great experience that in hindsight I actually enjoyed!!

My literature review write up is ongoing, and I haven’t touched it for quite a while – need to catch up on reading papers, etc – feel quite guilty about this. I’ve already missed a deadline for a draft that was agreed with my supervisor, although this was partly due to the book chapter.

I’m also writing up the questionnaire study I did over 6 months ago now, which is pretty slack of me, although now that the interview results are coming in again, it’s good to make connections between the two studies.

That’s about all I can think of right now. If I can write another one of these in month and shown some real progress, I’ll be happy as Larry* Oh, and I’ve got a supervisory board meeting on the 19th, although details are sketchy at this moment.

*well-known happy bloke.


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