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Last week I was lucky enough to have my supervisory board meeting, signifying the end of the 2nd year of my PhD and the beginning of the ultimate, 3rd year! After giving a presentation showing some of my findings so far, I was grilled with questions. The major criticism seems to be that my first two studies are exploratory, and that my 3rd study needs to test some of the findings that I have uncovered to date. I was also encouraged to share some of my findings so far on my blog to see if I get any useful feedback, so that may come soon (ooh, I can hear the blogosphere trembling in anticipation). My main concern now is that the last 6 months of my 3rd year is typically set aside for writing up, which leaves only 6 months for analysing current data and performing a 3rd study! I’m beginning to understand pressures that past PhD students have warned me about…


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