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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Who wants to be famous?

I was reading the Sunday Times this weekend and came across a post article about The Golden Rules for blogging. It offers readers general rules of thumb on how to avoid getting into trouble by writing a blog. It also made some horrendous assumptions about bloggers:

Who are you trying to kid? There were 70 billion blogs in the world yesterday, there will be 70 billion billion by next week, and what crazy hubris makes you think you have anything new or interesting to say? Yet you, like all the other lemmings, assume your blog will be one of the tiny fraction that is brilliant, and you’ve already got your gleeful little paws over the edge of the cliff.

My beef with this is that the bloggers that “assume your [their] blog will be one of the tiny fraction that is brilliant” are not in fact the motives of the entire blogging population, or indeed a very large part of it. It’s a common attack pointed at bloggers. There are a lot of people blogging out there and not all of them are doing it for the same reason. One reason to blog is to reach friends and family without sending blanket emails to people. Another might be to keep a record of one’s life. Another might be to record notes and thoughts for a PhD, or other research project. Not all bloggers are obsessed with who visits their site. Some are, and indeed for some the number of people visiting their site is important, particularly those bloggers who are writers and journalists. But my point is, that this does not apply to all bloggers, perhaps not even the majority. Last year I went to the BlogTalk 2.0 conference in Vienna, and heard Mena Trott, one half of the founders of Six Apart talk about her experiences with blogging. She was getting thousands of hits and comments every day and reportedly found the experience hugely draining. She resulted in (if I recall correctly??) stopping her blog and maintaining a very much reduced one, leaving behind any expectations that her previous audience held.

As Suw Charman has said, the blog is not a diary, or a net to catch as many eyeballs as possible . It is a place to write stuff. How you use that place is up to the individual.


Are you a blogger

Check out the title – is the answer, “Yessiree!”, or even the slightly more demure, “Yep!”? If so, then would you be interested in

a) participating in an interview about blogging to help out with my PhD over either email or phone?


b) filling out an online questionnaire that should take no more than 20 English minutes?

Answers to a) on a self-addressed email to mark [d o t] brady [a t] essex [d o t] ac [d o t] uk

Answer to b) look no further than this questionnaire

Anyone who has set up their own blog and written on it qualifies!

Mind over matter

This morning at around 7am I found myself in the grassy grounds of large, old manor house. It was owned by a prominent and wealthy drug trafficker, and I was there having just had a big argument with the head honcho himself. At the climax of the argument he called one of this henchmen over, dressed in an expensive Armani suit. The well built, and shaven-headed henchman listened to the dealer’s whispers and then produced a big blue, metal baton. He took one moment to look carefully into my eyes from across the grounds and then started running, full pelt towards me. I braced myself for the inevitable, my eyes darting between the baton and the face of my attacker. As he got within a metre of me, I felt my leg swing back and then rush forward as I went to kick him in the head. A fraction of a second later, I discovered that my foot had not made contact with the henchman’s head, but rather my bedroom wall. I had been dreaming, and I’d just clouted the wall with my bare foot, and suceeded in waking up my housemates to alert them that an imprint of a foot in the wall was the newest feature to the house.

Automator being too (two?) helpful?

Is it just my copy, or does Automator in OS X Tiger have two identical help menus?

Questionnaire Take 2

For reasons that I will explain later, I am reposting the questionnaire that I published last year. If you’ve already filled it out, then please don’t do it a second time – I looking for new blood. So if you know any bloggers out there who wouldn’t mind spending 20mins answering some questions about their blogs and the blogosphere, then please point them this way, or even post it on your own blog and try and give it some more coverage.

The questionnaire can be found here:

Citroen Retro Style

Here’s a new take on the citroen ad I posted about a while ago.