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Mind over matter

This morning at around 7am I found myself in the grassy grounds of large, old manor house. It was owned by a prominent and wealthy drug trafficker, and I was there having just had a big argument with the head honcho himself. At the climax of the argument he called one of this henchmen over, dressed in an expensive Armani suit. The well built, and shaven-headed henchman listened to the dealer’s whispers and then produced a big blue, metal baton. He took one moment to look carefully into my eyes from across the grounds and then started running, full pelt towards me. I braced myself for the inevitable, my eyes darting between the baton and the face of my attacker. As he got within a metre of me, I felt my leg swing back and then rush forward as I went to kick him in the head. A fraction of a second later, I discovered that my foot had not made contact with the henchman’s head, but rather my bedroom wall. I had been dreaming, and I’d just clouted the wall with my bare foot, and suceeded in waking up my housemates to alert them that an imprint of a foot in the wall was the newest feature to the house.



  1. Blimey! I hope this relates to something you watched the previous evening on the telly and not to your real life. I’m also a little worried that you have a subconscious desire to be a Tiller girl, err, boy – kicking an upright, oncoming assailant in the head?! I would have thought even a practised kick-boxer would have needed the attacker to stand still 🙂

  2. I think the manor house setting comes from a recent visit to Christchurch mansion in Ipswich. No need to worry about any Tiller girl obsessions – I think I was going more for a flying high-kick Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee move…in my dreams I’m better than the best!

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