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A short break

I decided to take a week out from Ipswich last week and, on the advice of my supervisor, spent a few days visiting LSE and Goldsmiths. The motivation was to pillage their libraries for material that I wouldn’t find at Essex Uni library, and it came good. LSE library is an impressive building that I found really conducive to working.

My reasons for choosing these two unis over the many others in London is down to their Media departments. Essex doesn’t have one, and a main constituent of my literature review is going to be New Media domain stuff. Visiting these libraries was a great breath of fresh air and introduced me to lots of new material that I hadn’t come across before, everything from books to journals. As a result, I now have a lot of reading to catch up on as well as a lot of email interviews that I’ve neglected over the last few days.

I also attended a blogging event run by Bite PR last Monday which set out to introduce and explore some concepts of blogging to people in marketing. Invitees included people from Dyson, Yahoo, Carphone Warehouse, BT, 3, AOL, Nokia, The Future Laboratory, Nikon, Sun, etc…. Speakers included Pete Clifton, the editor of BBC News Interactive and Nigel Powell from the Sunday Times. It was really interesting to see where the BBC are headed, and how they are planning on introducing blog-type thinking into the site.

Next event is the 28th June for NMK’s “Blogging: A Real Conversation?”, where Suw Charman is included in the list of speakers.



  1. Looks like the NMK event has a very similar lineup to the one for our own session on blogging and journalism (which I blogged about earlier). Hope the people there give some fresh insights.

    Enjoy London!

  2. Yep, it does look pretty similar, although I’m hoping that the NMK event will explore some of the issues beyond journalism.–>

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