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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Two Weeks On

Two weeks after the last bombings in London it appears that more have come. First lot of news indicates that they’re not so serious this time – initial reports suggested that dummy explosives were used and only a detonator exploded, although I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes as more news comes in. Maybe the terrorists have discovered that you don’t need big bombs to disrupt London, and that our own reactions can do more damage than a bomb can. Maybe it’s just sick hoaxers.



I didn’t do any work at all yesterday. Instead I watched the news in shock as events unfolded and information became unraveled from confusion in a city where I was born and have spent a fair proportion of my life. My brother was due to come up to Ipswich for a meeting yesterday and we were due to meet for lunch. He would have gone through Liverpool St. via the tube at about the time the explosions went off – thank God he’s a lazy tike and left home later than planned. He was lucky, but many others weren’t. But I know that the spirit, warmth and resilience of Britons and Londoners will support the families and friends that need it in the time to come.

I found a much better summary of how I feel about yesterday here.

London 2012

London Olympics 2012 here we come!!

Been to Live 8

Awesome, fantastic, unforgettable! Live 8 rocked on many, multi-coloured levels. Floyd and The Who were awesome, Velvet Revolver were fantastic, and Robbie Williams was surprisingly good – you could tell he loved being there as much as we all did, if not more! Mariah Carey was a down-point, flogging her new single, but she got boo-ed by half the people in Hyde Park so I guess that’s Karma. I wish The Killers were on for a bit longer, and Kofi Annan’s fleeting appearance was welcome but could have been so much better.

Not sitting down for an entire day was an interesting experience, but not pissing for an entire day was even more of an experience. Moving anywhere through the crowd took serious logistical wherewithall, and if I could avoid going to the loo, and missing an act then I bloody well was going to.

All in all it was a great atmosphere, and every act (apart from Mariah) was pretty much gold. There’s my photos on flickr, but I’m sure there’s better ones littered all around the net.

Going to Live 8

Well, I’m heading to Live 8 in Hyde Park tomorrow morning (thought I’d add another outgoing linking to the melée already out there). My brother was lucky enough to get tickets and I was lucky enough to be invited by him! We’re probably going to have to head off early – although it’s only a 30 minute journey there, it’s been reported that people are already queuing to get near the front!

I was worried that the line-up would be a too pop-y for my liking, but having seen the list, which include The Killers, Keane, and Velvet Revolver, I’m looking forward to it. Not to mention seeing some of the greats – Sting, Pink Floyd, etc.

Hopefully I’ll be adding some photos to flickr post-event. I think this is important since everyone is going to be starved of information about the concert over the next month.