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Been to Live 8

Awesome, fantastic, unforgettable! Live 8 rocked on many, multi-coloured levels. Floyd and The Who were awesome, Velvet Revolver were fantastic, and Robbie Williams was surprisingly good – you could tell he loved being there as much as we all did, if not more! Mariah Carey was a down-point, flogging her new single, but she got boo-ed by half the people in Hyde Park so I guess that’s Karma. I wish The Killers were on for a bit longer, and Kofi Annan’s fleeting appearance was welcome but could have been so much better.

Not sitting down for an entire day was an interesting experience, but not pissing for an entire day was even more of an experience. Moving anywhere through the crowd took serious logistical wherewithall, and if I could avoid going to the loo, and missing an act then I bloody well was going to.

All in all it was a great atmosphere, and every act (apart from Mariah) was pretty much gold. There’s my photos on flickr, but I’m sure there’s better ones littered all around the net.


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