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I didn’t do any work at all yesterday. Instead I watched the news in shock as events unfolded and information became unraveled from confusion in a city where I was born and have spent a fair proportion of my life. My brother was due to come up to Ipswich for a meeting yesterday and we were due to meet for lunch. He would have gone through Liverpool St. via the tube at about the time the explosions went off – thank God he’s a lazy tike and left home later than planned. He was lucky, but many others weren’t. But I know that the spirit, warmth and resilience of Britons and Londoners will support the families and friends that need it in the time to come.

I found a much better summary of how I feel about yesterday here.


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  1. By chance I had discovered BBC 5 Live online the night of the Olympic announcement and woke up to the sounds of euphorea from Singapore. On 7/7 I listened again to 5 Live throughout the night (Vancouver time). As the reports came in that a bus had blown up on a London street, I realised that London didn’t have a “power surge” problem in its underground, this was terrorism. From across the ocean in Canada, our hearts are with Londoners and Britain. We stand shoulder to shoulder.

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