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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Interview Analysis

I’ve finally got around to starting properly on the analysis of the interviews I’ve been conducting. I’ve made a few hand written notes on some of the transcripts over the past few months, but I’m now transferring it all onto the laptop. I’m using a qualititative analysis tool for Mac OSX called TAMS Analyzer. Not only is it a pretty easy to use program (at least, so far), but it’s also free and open source. For me, it was a choice between sticking with my mac and using TAMS, or shifting over to use a PC for the next few months and using Atlas Ti. If I can stick with my mac and still get the job done, then I’ll do it.



How amazingly life changing could this be for millions of people in developing countries? Answer: Very. LifeStraw is a straw that filters water on the fly, so that dirty water goes in one end and clean, disease-free water comes out the other. The price for potentially saving so many lives? 2 measly American dollars a pop.


There’s something about the recent spacewalk to fix the Discovery. The astronaut was projected by a long robotic arm underneath the shuttle to remove a gap filler that was sticking out. It reminded me of the story about the guy pulling the thorn out of the lions paw, and how the lion repayed the guy later by saving his life (sorry, but my memory won’t let me be any more specific than that). Let’s hope this lion saves the astronauts lives on their re-entry to Earth.

My latest post (note-to-self – change this title when new post added)

Wow – a new blog is created every second according to Technorati. So 14.2 million blogs exist at their last count up from 7.8 in March this year. So they’ve doubled in 5 months. That’s impressive. Even more impressive that over half (55%) of these bloggers are still posting stuff 3 months later. I wonder what this figure drops to after 6 months, or a year? More is promised from Technorati tomorrow….

Aside: A group of bloggers attract mainstream media attention to an otherwise ignored story of a missing woman