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Interview Analysis

I’ve finally got around to starting properly on the analysis of the interviews I’ve been conducting. I’ve made a few hand written notes on some of the transcripts over the past few months, but I’m now transferring it all onto the laptop. I’m using a qualititative analysis tool for Mac OSX called TAMS Analyzer. Not only is it a pretty easy to use program (at least, so far), but it’s also free and open source. For me, it was a choice between sticking with my mac and using TAMS, or shifting over to use a PC for the next few months and using Atlas Ti. If I can stick with my mac and still get the job done, then I’ll do it.



  1. I suppose everyone will have an opinion based on personal taste but I like the way NVivo works With it you can tag text and analyse it without filling the text itself with codes (the codes go in along one side). It certainly seems to be very popular – alas it is PC only but believe it or not it works reasonably fast in Virtual PC on my Mac!

  2. I hadn’t considered using virtual pc to get PC only programs working on my mac! I’ve found the advantage of adding codes to the text is that it’s easy to alter the text (if necessary) and not worrying about things getting out of sync. I don’t know if other programs have mechanisms to control this?

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