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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Weekend Away

Well, I spent a long weekend in Newquay over the bank holiday. I can’t say that Newquay itself is worth the four-hour drive, but the surrounding coastline and countryside is out of this world. I think I could easily spend a year driving from coastal town to coastal town in Cornwall, taking in all the different sights, smells and sounds. The intent was to go surfing at Fistral beach, but due to a lack of decent weather on the first day and a lack of waves on the others, it never really happened. The upshot of this is that we explored the surrounding area much more than we otherwise would have, and I glad we did. The Eden project alone, just outside St. Austell was worth the trip. The huge, domed “biomes” are impressive enough from the outside, but doubly so once you venture inside. Check out my photos on flickr.

Perhaps the reason that I disliked Newquay so much was the similarity to party towns like Ibiza and Ayia Napa. I wasn’t expecting that, and although it probably makes me sound seriously middle-aged, it just wasn’t my thing. My opinion might be slightly tainted by the appearance, late on our first night, of a small, wiry and drunken 20 year old with a chip on his shoulder who decided to follow us home, thinking that my brother was called Dave and was his new best friend. Once I began explaining to the poor, deluded drunkard that Dave was not Dave but was, in fact, my brother, Neil – the experience of having his illusion shattered moved him towards violence. This resulted in a scuffle and me pushing and holding him to the ground. Perhaps he was a claustrophobe, and disliked having his freedom impeded in this way, leading him to go back to a primal state – but it appears his only option at this stage was to eat his way out of the situation. The nearest and tastiest morsel at this juncture happened to be my arm. He had a good chew before my brother managed to get him off me, causing them to both fall over. This resulted in Neil breaking his small leg bone – his fibula to be scientific. The end result was that Neil and I ended up being treated by paramedics and boozy-boy ended up in a police wagon and carted off to the cells. He probably still thinks my brother is his best mate, Dave.

Cornwall though – great place. Just avoid Newquay at night!