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Monthly Archives: October 2005

So having read a lot of hype recently, I downloaded Flock with mixed expectations and within a few seconds, I’m impressed. Finally, a web browser that integrates delicious bookmarks into its own bookmark system. Not only that, but it also integrates a blog editor into the browser – I’m writing this in the Flock blog editor. This thing really does make all the other browsers look stone age. I’m finally getting all this Web 2.0 stuff!

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iPod (with video)

Ok, so they announced the iPod video and it looks pretty cool. Not sure whether I will really use it for videos very much but a handy feature all the same. I decided to buy it nevertheless, but not in the states. I forgot about my student discount which, after adding sales tax to the US prices, doesn’t leave that much of a difference in price. Hopefully mine will arrive before the 9th November and I’ll have an iPod to listen to on the flight over to America 🙂

I’m finally managed to sort out some details for the trip, and by chance my brother is working in the states a couple of days before I get there, so we’re hoping to meet up and spend a few days sightseeing before he heads back to the UK. Also found out that my friend Dawn who I’m visiting in Oregon will be getting a flight back to the UK with me at the end of the two weeks, so I’ll have some good company on the way back. Which reminds me – I need to send her the flight details….

Book available on Amazon

At the beginning of the year I was invited to hurredly write a chapter in a book about research outside of universities. My chapter was to examine the use of blogs for public creation and sharing of knowledge. Following a gestation period of 9 months, the book is now published and available at amazon. It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything on this scale published and when I received my complimentary copy, it was a fantastic experience to see my words in an actual, real book! The section of the book that contains my chapter also hosts chapters of Ben Anderson, Caspar Melville and Will Davies so I’m feeling very lucky to be in such great company.

Taking a break

Ok, so I haven’t posted for a while mainly because I’ve been working on my PhD to the point that I’ve not really been doing anything worth talking about. But so that the hordes of marauding fans know that I’m still alive and kicking, here’s a post. I’ve mainly been writing a significant chapter of my PhD and doing all the work that surrounds that. I’m still doing it, but have planned a trip to visit some friends who have recently moved out to San Francisco and Oregon. My supervisor keeps telling me to take a break, so I’m finally taking her advice and taking out 2 weeks before the final push of the analysis and write-up starts. The long haul flight also provides a great excuse to buy an iPod. The nano is looking really tempting right now, although there are rumours flying about a video iPod being announced on October 12th so I’ll likely buy whatever they announce! Would I ever watch movies on a portable device? Probably not, but if it looks nice, then I’m the mug they’re looking for. Prices for these sorts of things are much more attractive when you see them on US soil, so it could be a nice souvenir for when I get out there 🙂