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iPod (with video)

Ok, so they announced the iPod video and it looks pretty cool. Not sure whether I will really use it for videos very much but a handy feature all the same. I decided to buy it nevertheless, but not in the states. I forgot about my student discount which, after adding sales tax to the US prices, doesn’t leave that much of a difference in price. Hopefully mine will arrive before the 9th November and I’ll have an iPod to listen to on the flight over to America 🙂

I’m finally managed to sort out some details for the trip, and by chance my brother is working in the states a couple of days before I get there, so we’re hoping to meet up and spend a few days sightseeing before he heads back to the UK. Also found out that my friend Dawn who I’m visiting in Oregon will be getting a flight back to the UK with me at the end of the two weeks, so I’ll have some good company on the way back. Which reminds me – I need to send her the flight details….



  1. Don’t count on there being an academic discount for a while anyway – I found when I wanted to get my Nano none was offered. I think they figure hot products don’t need academic discounts. I got my nano in the US for 126 while I was at AoIR instead…

  2. Thanks for the warning, but luckily I’ve already ordered it and the academic discount went through ok. Fingers crossed it should arrive in a couple of weeks!

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