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Monthly Archives: February 2006

On a slightly lighter note, there’s a new trailer for A Scanner Darkly via I’ve posted about this once before a while back and was beginning to wonder if the film would ever materialise, but it looks as though there’s still life in her yet – looks like quite a visual treat if nothing else!


I read this via about someone who lost her camera on holiday, was contacted by a ranger who discovered that a Canadian couple had found it, and now refuse to return the camera worth $500 (because of a "diabetic child who likes it too much"!!!) despite the woman giving some very generous terms in a proposed deal. I’m not a violent person at all but when I read this I just felt like smacking them one. Bet the kid doesn’t even exist. Rarrrr.

Why is it, that on this day of supposed fluffiness and lovey-doveyness, that I find a grotesquely-presented image of Frank Butcher from Eastenders on the BBC home page (UK version)??? Grim.

Winter Olympics

For those who are so inclined, here’s the BBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics downloadable in various forms in PDF.


I was playing with my band at a gig last night for a friend who’s leaving to work in Ireland. Two important facts in this short story: our band is called Ripley and my friend who is going to Ireland is french. At the beginning of the night he kindly stepped up to the microphone to introduce us, and in his strong french accent, announced “And now, Ripley!”.

It was only after the first half that we realised everyone in the pub now knew us as “Replay”.


I just found out about a new Web 2.0 site up called Newsvine – it is basically a news discussion and tagging site, but seems like there’s a lot more functionality behind it which I’ve yet to uncover. I’ve got 20 invites to give away if anyone is interested then send me your email!


So a Louisiana man has decided to sue Apple for hearing loss that he claims is due to the iPod. I mean, come on – is this really worth tax-payers money to appear in court?? The guy should be locked up in a padded cell on some remote island just in case something could happen to him. I mean, if left to fend for himself in Louisiana he could get run over and blame Nike for supplying the very shoes that took him to that busy intersection where the car hit him.

Apple, and most other audio system manufacturers usually integrate a special system into their devices to prevent things like hearing loss – it’s called a VC, or Volume Control. And then there’s an emergency over-ride function for people that don’t know about the volume control – it’s called the Off Button. Surely there are people that are better qualified to tell this guy about such features than a judge?

New Choons

I’ve really got into a few new albums recently which are now on regular rotation in iTunes and on the iPod. They are, in no order of preference: Let It Die by Feist, Fires by Nerina Pallot, In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson amd Odyssey by Fischerspooner.

Let It Die is a weird but amazing mix of folky, jazzy, bossa-nova type stuff that I love and can’t seem to get enough of. I need to listen to more of this kind of music. It’s got a few covers as well which are all pretty great for covers. Reminds me of my time in Brighton for some reason – must be that laid back funky feeling.

Nerina Pallot had one of her songs, “Everybody’s Gone to War” play on Radio 2 a while back which caught my attention so much I had to get the album. The album is pretty much folk music but has a rocky edge to it that appeals and has some great lyrics.

Jack Johnson’s new album has been advertised all over UK tv over the last few months and I caved in, got it and haven’t regretted it at all. This album is so chilled for the most part and then every now and again gives you a nice little foot tapper (Staple It Together, Never Know, for example).

Odyssey was a total surprise for me – I heard this while visiting a mate recently and loved it. Fischerspooner was one of those bands that I’d heard of and kept thinking that I should give them a try but never really got round to it. This album is amazing.