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New Choons

I’ve really got into a few new albums recently which are now on regular rotation in iTunes and on the iPod. They are, in no order of preference: Let It Die by Feist, Fires by Nerina Pallot, In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson amd Odyssey by Fischerspooner.

Let It Die is a weird but amazing mix of folky, jazzy, bossa-nova type stuff that I love and can’t seem to get enough of. I need to listen to more of this kind of music. It’s got a few covers as well which are all pretty great for covers. Reminds me of my time in Brighton for some reason – must be that laid back funky feeling.

Nerina Pallot had one of her songs, “Everybody’s Gone to War” play on Radio 2 a while back which caught my attention so much I had to get the album. The album is pretty much folk music but has a rocky edge to it that appeals and has some great lyrics.

Jack Johnson’s new album has been advertised all over UK tv over the last few months and I caved in, got it and haven’t regretted it at all. This album is so chilled for the most part and then every now and again gives you a nice little foot tapper (Staple It Together, Never Know, for example).

Odyssey was a total surprise for me – I heard this while visiting a mate recently and loved it. Fischerspooner was one of those bands that I’d heard of and kept thinking that I should give them a try but never really got round to it. This album is amazing.


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