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So the time when the funding for my PhD finally dries up is fast approaching. In fact, I’ve actually already recieved my final payment from the research council. My first reaction to this has been to scrabble about looking for paid work to do. This has mostly involved website development for various projects at work. However, now that I’m beginning to have to actually do this work as well as the PhD I’m beginning to wonder whether it is such a good strategy. I now have until April 2007 to hand in my thesis, although I plan to finish before the end of 2006. The extra work I’m doing will inevitably have the effect of slowing down the work on my thesis which really should be my priority. My current thinking is that I will try and do the odd piece of work here and there, but otherwise make the savings I have last as long as possible (tins of baked beans feature heavily in this plan), and get on with the thesis write-up. Only time will tell if this is such a good idea!


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  1. If you think getting your PhD is a priority and key to your future then bet on your future and get a loan from the bank.

    Much better to give the cornerstone of the start of your future the best chance its got rather than risk being tired, depressed and distracted when trying to craft sense and impart wisdom.

    Good luck!–>

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