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The news this morning about the video footage showing Bush being briefed about Hurricane Katrina before it hit has astounded me. How is that man still in a job??? If the news is accurate, then Bush was briefed *before* the hurricane hitting, warning that they were unsure as to whether the sea defences would hold, and then shortly after, he is seen telling the nation that everything is going to be alright, completely ignoring what he has just been told. Post-Katrina he gives several interviews alledging that they were taken unawares by the scale of the storm and that they didn’t have enough information. The way I see it, he has consciously ignored information that has led to the loss of 1300 lives and loss of homes of millions, and then lied repeatedly about it (am getting a slight sense of dejà vu here…). This *surely* shows more than ever that he is a liability to people’s lives and no longer deserves the job he has been given??



  1. President Bush is still in office doing his job because the Lord God Almighty Himself has ordained him to be there. If you would like a chance to try for his job in the upcoming presidential elections, then get your things in order, find supporters to back you, and by all means be in the public eye of judgement and criticism, and we shall se how well you make it.

  2. Firstly, I’m British so there’s no chance I could become president even if I wanted to be (only those born in the US can become president). Secondly, I wouldn’t want to be president. I’m just criticising the current one which doesn’t mean I think I could do a better job. It just means I think there are better people for the post.

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