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I’ve been doing some web design work in my spare time to get some cash after my funding has run out. I’m using CSS mainly, atttempting to avoid using tables in HTML whereever possible. What I’ve discovered to my huge annoyance (and I realise that I’m joined by CSS developers all over the web), that IE doesn’t adhere to many of the web standards that pretty much every other browser does. I can get a perfectly rendered page in both Firefox and Safari, but as soon as I try it in IE a lot of things break. My main problem with it at the moment is the min-width attribute – a very useful feature for ensuring that your page doesn’t mess up as soon as a browser window is resized to something under the set value. Works in Safari, works in Firefox, no go in IE. Makes life very difficult and means you have to resort to some very messy workarounds. It wouldn’t matter so much if the browser in question was used by a smaller percentage of web users (although obviously is nice to include them too), but the fact that the most used browser is the one which doesn’t meet standards makes life unnecessarily difficult. Rant over.


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